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Consistent Food Pictures to Sell our Brand

by | Nov 13, 2020

Food photography allows us to maintain consistent branding. Our food photos are consistent across various categories to help us successfully promote our delicious foods.

Although relevant stock photos are available on the internet at a fee, food photography allows us to create custom images of the specific foods I cook. This ensures that you get the specific dish you see in an image when you make an order.

Stock photos are mass-produced and thus don’t give a true representation of our recipes. They’re also not true to the foods we cook and deliver to our customers.

With custom photography, I’m able to represent my brand in a clear, accurate and consistent manner. I use unique recipes and fresh ingredients to prepare delicious meals.

As a personal food stylist and photographer for my brand, I capture authentic photos of my cooking to tell my brand story. This truly depicts what you’ll see, order and receive to enjoy.

My photography skills also enable me to create anything from mood boards to finishes images aimed at supporting my brand’s vision. I use fresh ingredients, source props, and setup relevant backgrounds in my kitchen to create stunning food photos with a positive impact. The Slow Cooking Housewife uses food photography to attract, engage, and retain consumers. With us, you get what you see.

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