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There’s more than what’s beneath the eyes

We offer tips you can use to prepare tasty meals at home and capture them for display. Ranging from creating your own recipes to preparing specific foods and keeping your passion going, you’ll find all the tips you need on this page.

You can also access how-to guides and videos for an amazing experience.



What is the Slow Cooking Housewife?

This is a blog for cooking and food photography. It was founded by a mother who loves cooking and spending her free time in the kitchen while caring for her little ones.

Why should I visit your blog or website?

We offer a variety of tips and recipes to help you prepare tasty meals. Visiting our site can help you learn how to cook, order your favorite dish or simply pass time looking at high quality food photos.

What if I don’t know how to cook?

The blog offers all the resources you need to learn how to cook. It’s ideal for both beginners and experienced chefs. If you’re into homemade food, you won’t go wrong with the blog.

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